charlie sheen jon cryer getty Jon Cryer on Charlie Sheen: Twitter impostor expresses shock for 'Two and Half Men' star

On Feb. 26, Jon Cryer finally broke his silence on the cancellation of “Two and a Half Men” and co-star Charlie Sheen‘s downward spiral.

Only he didn’t.

A Twitter impostor, @JonNivenCryer, unleashed a sorrowful “It’s too sad! Sorry guys, that you must hear so bad news! I’m also shocked!” to his whopping 800-some-odd followers. Multiple news outlets reported the reaction… until Cryer’s reps came forward saying that it definitely isn’t him.

TMZ confirms that Cryer has neither a Twitter or Facebook account.

If you want to know what Cryer thinks of Sheen, you’ll have to settle for his somewhat hilarious — and dated — jabs at his co-star during a January episode of “Conan.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell