jon cryer wife sarah trigger child support gi Jon Cryer's ex wife Sarah Trigger wants $89,000 per month in child support

Jon Cryer‘s ex-wife wants almost $89,000 in child support from the “Two and a Half Men” actor, claiming that her son is being bullied due to poverty. After all, she only gets $8000 per month to care for the boy now.

Sarah Trigger, Cryer’s wife from 1999 to 2004 and the mother of their son, Charlie, claims that her current child support amount is not sufficient (as reported by TMZ). The current deal between the exes, set in 2010, specifies that Trigger gets $8000 each month in order to care for 13-year-old Charlie.

Why have things changed now? According to Trigger, she only had custody of Charlie about 4 percent of the time in 2010. Now, she has him half of the time. Because of the increase in childcare time, she wants more money.

Furthering the woman’s argument in all of this is the lifestyle she claims is standard at Charlie’s high-end private school, The Buckley School. When talking to TMZ, Trigger mentioned “exotic vacations in the summer and winter like Europe and Thailand,” “huge birthday parties at expensive places” and “and multiple Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs all with custom invitations, a dress code and huge private receptions afterward.”

Charlie just can’t compete on $8000 per month.

While Jon Cryer has not said anything publicly on the matter, his changed marital status over the past few years might be part of the issue. The actor married Lisa Joyner in 2007 and adopted a baby girl in 2009.

Posted by:Laurel Brown