Jon Gosselin is accusing TLC of violating child labor laws.

Of course he is.

]]> reports that his attorneys are painting him as "David versus Goliath" in their response to TLC’s request for a preliminary injunction against the reality TV dad.

You know, this is the preliminary injunction that may involve testimony from Gosselin's pals, Michael Lohan, Hailey Glassman and Kate Major, the former Star reporter he allegedly dated.


Jon's lawyers charge TLC with violating Pennsylvania child labor laws by failing to obtain work permits for the kids. They also whine, er, claim that the network is denying Jon the right to earn a living as an "on-camera personality,' which is now what Mr. Gosselin does for a living."

Perhaps on-camera train wreck would be more appropriate

And check out this language in Jon's countersuit: "The plaintiff's (that would be TLC) hands are so sullied, polluted and infected with wrongdoing, deception, heavy handedness, unconscionability and disregard for the public's interest, that the only resolve that justice should mandate is that plaintiff's infected hands be amputated.”

Wow. I don't think they do that in this country, Jon. 

Besides, is this a case of the finger pointing both ways?

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