jon gosselin morgan christie Jon Gosselin and new gal pal Morgan Christie are at Sundance.  Will Levi Johnston be next?

Robert Redford just breathed a sigh of relief over the fact that reality TV star/celebutante Paris Hilton might not show up at his prestigious and influential Sundance Film Festival this year.

But wait until he hears about Jon Gosselin being in town.

]]>The Blogosphere is already buzzing about seeing Jon strolling around Park City on Thursday, Jan. 21, with his new young squeeze, Morgan Christie. 

The couple actually met there while snowboarding a few weeks ago. But now the Sundance Film Festival is going on, which leaves some wondering if Jon is shopping an indie script on his life.
But The Dish Rag knows the real reason he’s there. One word: Swag. 
The celebrity gifting suites that open up and down Main Street will be happy to have Jon and Morgan photographed and videotaped taking free shirts, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, XBoxes, cameras, etc. all week. 
Maybe he can score some more free clothes. We have a feeling he’s overdrawn at the Ed Hardy tog trough.
Photos: FilmMagic