Jongosselin_jonandkateplus8_s5_290 Jon Gosselin canceled a scheduled an interview with “E! News” Monday, just hours after his estranged wife Kate spoke to NBC’s “Today” show.

Perhaps someone advised the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star that no real good could come from the dueling-interview scenario, and he ought to just let things be for now — especially given Kate admitted on “Today” that part of her still loves him.

So Gosselin will not be on “E! News” Monday night — but “E! News” will be all over Jon Gosselin.

The cable channel sent out an e-mail blast Monday afternoon hyping its interview with the woman it insists on calling “Kate 2.0,” former Star reporter and alleged Jon Gosselin fling Kate Major.

In the interview, Major calls Jon Gosselin a “two-timer” and a “liar,” claiming that “We had plans to travel together, to live together and to be together.” Major claims she fell for Gosselin while doing a story about him for the Star, quit her job to avoid a conflict of interest and then was kicked to the curb when Gosselin reconciled with girlfriend Hailey Glassman (Gosselin says he never broke up with Glassman, for the record).

Our favorite line from Major, which as far as we can tell is devoid of irony: “I will not be the other woman.”

Jon Gosselin, for his part, did give a statement to E!, saying of Kate, “She’s the mother of my children. I only wish her the best. As for Major, he says, “I’m glad she’s out of my life.”

The full interview with Major airs on “E! News” Monday night.

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