Jon Gosselin wants TLC to stop filming "Jon & Kate

Plus 8" because the show is "detrimental" to his children.


Because according to Jon already dismissed

this view as ridiculous. 

After Kate Gosselin's brother and his wife told that the Gosselin brood was being exploited, Jon defended

the show (on video) that he's now trying to stop.

Coincidentally, he changed his tune about this the same day that TLC dropped his name from the show’s title.

Keep reading to watch the video interview Jon probably wishes he hadn't given. 

]]>According to Jon's previous video, the kids love the production crew.

 "They make nicknames for them," he said. "We all get along and play together. It's comfortable for the kids to film. They look at this [filming] as life. No one has ever forced them to do anything."


About those long hours:  "My kids probably film an hour and half to two hours a day and we only film three days a week. “

"The whole premise of the show was to save money for the kids," Jon said on the video. "Kate and I's No. 1 priority are our kids."

Huh. Somewhere along the line, we think someone’s priorities changed, and partying in Vegas and on a yacht with young babes became more important. 

Is Jon desperately trying to keep his TLC paycheck? Is he shutting down the show for the welfare of his children or his own wallet?

Besides, if his name being off the show will improve the ratings and the kids are still being paid, isn't that a good thing? 

Eight colleges are gonna be expensive. What do you think?

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Photo credit: TLC

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead