"Inglourious Basterds" star Brad Pitt has a few thoughts in Parade magazine about real love, family and wasting time.

Maybe Jon Gosselin should read that interview.

"Do you know how you tell real love?, Brad responds. "It's when someone else's interest trumps your own. I like to put it that way: trumps your own. Love of somebody else–of family, of your kids–becomes the most important, most worthwhile thing in your life. It's what you foster and protect. You have to recognize real love when it's there and know that in going after it there is always risk. To live with love, you have to chance losing it. That's also true when you decide to have kids. It's the risk you take for love."

He's also has thoughts on life, fears, and family.

]]>Time: "As I've gotten older I've become aware that time is fleeting. I don't want to waste whatever I have left. I want to spend it with the people I love, and I want to do things that really mean something."

His fears: "My real fear at this point is the safety and health of Angie and the kids. The fear of losing them is what keeps me up at night."

Life:. "I don't know who or what is meant to be in my life, but this is certainly where I want to be. Here with them. I think this is the pinnacle. Even as I'm bound to this thing, in a way I'm freer than I've ever been."

His sudden family: "This family is full of life! There are laughs, aggravations, irritations, but at the end of the day, it's fun. When life is really good, it's messy."

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead