Jongosselin_290 “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin is not a philanderer or bad parent, his friends insist.

The reality star was targeted by another celebrity mag earlier this week when he was spotted out with a woman who was not his wife, but friends are coming to his defense to clear his name.

Longtime friend Brian Sep tells People, “He’s just hanging out, relaxing with his friends. Honestly, he doesn’t go out that much. It seems like he’s on house lockdown. He’s a full-time Dad.”  Pat Fagan, a bouncer at the club where Gosselin was photographed with the woman adds, “They seemed like casual friends. “There was no romantic anything. They weren’t gazing into each other eyes.”

Gosselin issued a statement also claiming that the woman was just a friend, but his partying that night was “poor judgment.”

Kategosselin_290 Gosselin became a dad fairly young, when he probably didn’t get all his partying out of his system. That is a deliberate choice he and his wife Kate Gosselin made, more so than most couples because they had to seek intrauterine insemination in order to get pregnant.

We’re willing to cut Gosselin a little slack. Should he be partying late into the night when he’s a family man and his wife is away? Probably not. But should he be able to with impunity on occasion, without rampant rumors about infidelity? Sure.

Then again, if this frequent partying and getting photographed with other women and college coeds is going to hurt his family, he should probably reevaluate and keep a lower profile. Just sayin’.

Your thoughts? Is it all as innocent as everyone wants us to believe? Even so, could the marriage be on the rocks anyway?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen