jon gosselin park city Jon Gosselin moving to Park City! Sundance swag suites aren't open all year, Jon
Jon Gosselin, the former co-star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” has been telling everyone who will listen at the Sundance Swag Suites that “Park City is my home now.”
Yes, he plans to move permanently to Park City, Utah. He’s even bragged about having already bought a house!


And why not? Sure, it’s nowhere near his eight kids. But it combines the four things he loves most: people with money, fresh meat, partying and snowboarding. He already scored big when he hooked new squeeze Morgan “I have a rich daddy” Christie a few weeks ago. 
But for right now, a source told E! that he’s “staying at his new girlfriend’s house in Park City.”

Hope he picked up some freebies for his new family at the Sundance Gifting Suites he’s been hitting hard this week.
As we predicted, Jon has been into every gifting suite he can this week. Our spies at the Sky Suites say that Gosselin (and Morgan) texted all of his kids free movie tickets using the technology, a new mobile text gifting service. OK, gift cards are officially outdated. Makes sense. Saves plastic.
But there was one snafu last week. Gosselin and his new sucker sweetie had to actually wait in line at Tao at the Lift.  And yes, dude was miffed. Then he got bad Blackberry news.
“Isn’t this bulls***?,” he said, showing the message to Morgan. He then cursed TLC by name and muttered that the network was “(bleeping) him.”
Does this have something to do with that breach of contract lawsuit filed by TLC.
Photo credits: WireImage