How did Jon Gosselin first meet his alleged girlfriend, 23-year-old schoolteacher Deanna Hummel?

]]>He had a waitress send Deanna a shot to meet her.


"Jon was a dirtball," Elyse Motague tells Us Weekly. She’s the waitress at the Chill Lounge who delivered Jon's shot to Hummel.

Now there’s a confirmation of Jon spending Kate's 34th birthday with … wait for it … Deanna.

On the day of Kate's birthday, Jon was in Park City, Utah, with Deanna, who joined him at the annual Pond Skimming race at the SprinGruv festival.

About his Utah vacations, Jon told a local paper: "I have eight kids, two dogs and live in Pennsylvania, and I can still hang here with 15-year-olds."


A source tells Us Weekly Jon and Deanna were up close and personal later at the Downstairs bar (owned by actors Chris and Danny Masterson), saying, "It was snuggle-o-matic."

And Us reports of some alleged herbal puffing going on with the young crowd he was hanging out with.

Sounds like Jon is having his second childhood. Or maybe an early midlife crisis.

What do you think? Should Kate dump Jon?

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