Goss-blog_0 On tonight’s episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Kate Gosselin celebrates her birthday with her kids and takes a trip to Charm City Cakes.

So where was Jon Gosselin? You'll never guess.

"I went out to Utah for, like, five days," he says. "I just wanted to get back out there and ride with my friends. It just happened to fall on Kate's birthday."

But he didn’t mention that Deanna Hummel, the 23-year-old teacher with whom Jon allegedly had a three-month affair was also there. Us Weekly reports that  the two were together at a Spring Gruv party at the Canyon in Utah, smack dab on Kate's March 28 birthday.

TLC is so thrilled about last week's premiere getting 9.8 million viewers (a record for the network), they’ve ordered another 40-episode season.

And the network is reportedly looking for more multiple-birth families for more shows!

An ad posted on Craigslist (which has since been removed) asks: "Are you expecting multiples and want to share this extraordinary event with TLC???

"TLC is now looking for NY, NJ, and CT families who are expecting twins, triplets, or more! We would capture the birth of the babies and witness their amazing first breath, first cry, and all the emotions that go along with such an incredible occasion. Then, TLC will be there as you leave the hospital and adjust to your first few days at home as a family."

What do you think? Should TLC be condemned and boycotted for encouraging this frightening social trend?

Or are they just giving audience members what they want?   

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Photo: TLC

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead