jon gosselin Jon Gosselin's burglar slashes clothing, leaves knives, note reading 'cheater.'Jon Gosselin returned home after spending Christmas with his eight children when — ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas, he discovered his bachelor apartment had been burglarized, his furniture and clothing slashed and a note that read “cheater” was stabbed to his dresser. 
Maybe he should have left some milk and cookies?

His attorney, Mark Heller‘s tells Us, this is no minor incident.
According to Heller, Gosselin found a note that was “speared” into his wooden dresser.

]]>“The police are investigating. He walked into his apartment and it was a disaster. The couch was cut up, his kids’ Wiii is missing, his blu ray DVD player is gone, the pots and pans are gone, the couch was sliced up, all of his clothes and shoes are all sliced and torn up. And the knives were left in there.”

According to a source, there was $100,000 worth of damage. In addition, the source claims the word “cheater” was carved into the bed headboard and that a butcher knife was used to slice open the mattress.
Why does the Dish Rag think this may have an inside job and/or someone who knows Jon all too well? Normal burglars do not accuse their victims of cheating. Or do they?
What with Tiger Woods Turkey Day family fiasco involving a golf club and a woman scorned and Charlie Sheen’s Christmas Day spent in jail after his wife called 911 on a family fight, its only natural to assume this could be the third shoe. Us Weekly is also reporting the note was signed Hailey Glassman. 
Hailey just moved out last week and according to her Twitter, she is plenty mad. Hailey tweeted on Christmas morning, “FYI That apartment everyone calls “Jon’s Apartment” was MY APARTMENT as well. We split rent! He’s been living off of my family and I.” and “So get your facts right before you all assume.My family and I found out a week ago he’s been pocketing our rent money n not paying the rent!”
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