jon gruden rumors Jon Gruden rumors: Is he leaving ESPN after all?

Despite denying rumors to the contrary back in November, a new report claims that ESPN analyst Jon Gruden is looking at open coaching gigs in the NFL to try to get back in the game. He hasn’t coached since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired him in 2008.

CBS Sports claims that teams have contacted Gruden and his reps over the past few weeks to see if he would be interested in serving as coach, but that Gruden said he would wait until the regular NFL season ended before making any decisions. Well, the regular season is over, and the report claims that he will “begin talking to those teams maybe as early as Monday.”

A previous report had claimed that Gruden would take a coaching job with the Tennessee Volunteers, but at the time he said they were false. “I like what I’m doing,” Gruden told ESPN’s “Mike & Mike In The Morning.” “I’m just trying to hang on to the job I have, to be honest with you.”

The CBS Sports story says Gruden’s camp has “acted differently” privately, and made it clear that the former coach would be willing to return to the NFL “if the right job opens up.” Right now, the most likely candidates look to be the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz