jon hamm scott brown saturday night live 320 Jon Hamm does Scott Brown, Sergio and Don Draper on 'Saturday Night Live'Jon Hamm made waves as Scott Brown and hosted a pleasantly funny, if uneven, episode of “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 30.

The skits that worked the best either played off of Hamm’s good looks or his stern “Mad Men” character.

The latter could be seen in his opening monologue, in which he reminisced about some of his earlier, unknown showbiz gigs such as a “Saved by the Bell”-type sitcom, a stint on QVC and doing stand-up for Def Comedy Jam. In each flashback, we see Hamm in Don Draper mode, snapping out brusque lines, slapping his co-host or drinking/smoking up a storm.

Both an Andy Samberg digital short and a political skit conspired to get Hamm shirtless. In the short, Samberg plays a businessman who is “cursed” — a suspenders-wearing, saxophone-playing man named Sergio (Hamm) burts upon the scene at the most inopportune moments. Be sure to watch through the end of the short for the gross finish.

Hamm then played Massachusetts senator-elect Scott Brown (he of the nude Cosmo centerfold), who has the oddest effect on Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Robert Byrd, Barbara Boxer, and Barney Frank. Some of his best lines were to Speaker Pelosi, “I want to introduce something to the floor. It’s called … your panties,” and to Congressman Frank, “You worried about a filibuster? ‘Cause I’m about to filibust out of these jean shorts.”

Take a look:

Finally, musical guest Michael Buble does himself proud, joining Hamm for a silly sketch in which the two shoot ads for the restaurant Hamm & Buble, which is pronounced “BUH-blee” in the skit, not “boo-BLAY.” Apparently, the restaurant specializes in pork products that are enhanced by sparkling wine or vice versa.


Those were Zap2it’s favorites for the evening. Which were yours?

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