When you have your own TV show, you can do things in the office Secret Santa pool that most people can’t. Like get a famous, handsome actor to present the gift you’re giving — or actually be the gift.

So it was on “Conan” Thursday (Dec. 22) for a taped bit about Conan O’Brien joining in the staff gift exchange this year. After a few minutes of setup about him not knowing his staff very well, and then putting off getting a gift till the last minute, he came through in a big way for his talent coordinator, Ashley Olivia.

The preamble in the video above is pretty good (especially a bit around the 3:20 mark), but the real fun starts five minutes in, when Conan gives Ashley a framed photo of Jon Hamm, one of her favorite actors. He then laments not having the picture signed — and calls Hamm out to the stage, to Ashley’s great shock.

It’s funny, yes, but also a pretty sweet gesture by both O’Brien and Hamm. We’re guessing Ashley Olivia has a Christmas story to tell for pretty much the rest of her life.

Posted by:Rick Porter