jon hamm playboy Jon Hamm on Hollywood: Lots of 'narcissistic, mean spirited, horrible people'“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm has been making with the controversial comments lately. Now in a new Playboy interview he’s aiming missiles at his own industry.

Last week, Hamm stirred up a feud when he suggested that Kim Kardashian was an “idiot.” He later qualified his remark saying it was a comment about the “pervasiveness of something in our culture,” but by that point the genie — or the Kardashian — was already out of the bottle.

In Playboy, Hamm talks about the difficulty of finding good people to work with in Hollywood.

“All I care about is working with people I enjoy being around. I’ve been fortunate in that I have not worked with many douche bags. And this industry is populated by a lot of narcissistic, mean-spirited, horrible people who get rewarded for being narcissistic, mean-spirited and horrible,” says Hamm in the interview. “Thus far I’ve been able to keep my exposure to that crowd to a minimum.”

Still, in the same interview, Hamm talks about why he feels at home in Hollywood — or at least in the industry.

“I think anybody who chooses any kind of career in the arts — and I’m using that term loosely for what I do — comes from a place of being a little bit unmoored,” he says. “Go to any theater department in the country and it’s usually made up of the outcasts and the misfits and the orphans.  It’s the Island of Misfit Toys. It’s welcoming.”

Read more of Hamm’s interview in the April 16 issue of Playboy. “Mad Men’s” fifth season debuts on AMC on Sunday, March 25.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson