jon hamm bridesmaids prem Jon Hamm on 'Mad Men's' future: 'Everything should end'Jon Hamm seems to be taking the delayed start on Season 5 of “Mad Men” pretty much in stride.

Hamm, who will direct the Emmy-winning show’s season premiere, doesn’t blame anybody for the delay, saying the back-and-forth over contracts is just “what corporations do.

“It was nobody’s fault really. It was the network and the studio. When billionaires fight it tends to take a lot longer than when normal people do,” Hamm tells BBC Radio 1. “The show has garnered a lot of interest and is worth a lot of money worldwide now. They all realize that, so they want to fight about that. God bless them.”

Hamm also sounds glad to hear “Mad Men” won’t run indefinitely. AMC has picked up the show through a sixth season, and producer Lionsgate has creator Matthew Weiner signed through a potential Season 7 — which is the presumed endpoint for the show.

“I think it should end,” Hamm says. “Everything should end. I was a big fan of ‘The Office’ [in the U.K.] because it ended.”

Posted by:Rick Porter