Jonhamm_15thannualsagawards_240 I know we’ve got a few months to go yet, but I’m ready to close the voting for the 2008-09 television MVP award and just give it to Jon Hamm.

And yes, that’s an entirely made-up award that I kind of just thought of, but hear me out for a minute.

Mad Men, we know about. As brooding ad man Don Draper, Hamm has the inner torment and thousand-word facial expressions of a man who’s figuring out he doesn’t want what he’s supposed to want down cold.

Since Mad Men ended its second season, though, Hamm has been showing off some impressive comedy chops. He hosted one of the better Saturday Night Live episodes of the season (here’s his spot-on James Mason in “Vincent Price’s Halloween Special”), and he’s been one of the few 30 Rock guest stars (along with Salma Hayek) who have enhanced rather than bogged down the episodes they’ve been in (here are his two episodes thus far; he’ll be back on March 19).

What really put things over the top for me — and certified my man-crush on the guy (happy one-day-belated birthday, by the way, Jon) — is the Funny or Die video you see below, with Hamm as Lex Luthor requesting a federal bailout. It’s just great (and very well-written and -directed by Eric Appel).

If the embed isn’t working for you, you can watch it here. Enjoy.

Anyone else you’d nominate for most valuable player this TV season?

Posted by:Rick Porter