jon kate divorce Jon & Kate Gosselin divorce terms final
Apparently the roses did not help — the Gosselins have agreed to the terms of their divorce.

]]>The Insider is reporting that the Gosselin arbitration, which was supposed to last several days, concluded Saturday, Nov. 21 just a few hours after it started. Now the arbitrator will file the points the Gosselins agreed upon to a legal document and both sides will have to abide by what the arbitrator rules. Gosselin also tells the Insider he had “written his estranged wife a note indicating that he loves their children, that a part of him will always love her, and he will never let any harm come to her.“ What do we think the Gosselin divorce terms will be? Kate gets the kids, the house, Jon’s dignity, public sympathy and a kickin’ new hairdo. Jon gets to keep his Ed Hardy shirts.

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