Yes, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" fans, the show is indeed returning for a fifth season despite all the rumors of impending divorce or general marital discord going on between Jon and Kate Gosselin.

So, uh, that's good news. Maybe.

The announcement was made at Discovery Network's TLC upfront Thursday, April 2, and the Gosselins, minus the two sets of unruly multiples, were on hand to tell viewers to "expect the unexpected" and that a trip is in their future. And then they crossed the fortune teller's palm with silver for such generic predictions.

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We're not so sure that a fifth season is the best idea. While Jon hasn't quite admitted to partying and getting drunk with co-eds, he did mention in the fourth season finale that he didn't like his fame preceding him (read: he didn't like the photos hitting the Internet).

Whether or not these shenanigans actually caused trouble in Gosselin paradise is up for debate.

Perhaps the show has outlasted its welcome, Jon wants anonymity and the kids would benefit from a life away from the cameras … but if there were no more "Jon & Kate Plus 8," then there would be no more "Jon & Kate" video clip love from "The Soup." A pity.


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen