The season finale of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” does little to dispel rumors about a possible divorce, only addressing Jon Gosselin‘s problems with being in the spotlight. In fact, the show leaves many questions up in the air, including whether or not the TLC show will return for a fifth season.

TLC does its best to tease viewers for the finale, with an announcer claiming, “It’s all been leading up to this” and footage of the Gosselin couple — parents of two sets of multiples — bickering and then admitting, “We’re kind of in an odd place” and “It’s been really difficult.” Odd place? Like, a crossroads in your marriage, perhaps? What’s difficult? Keeping your marriage together?

In the episode “Family Outing,” Kate Gosselin is in charge of entertaining the kids — first at a painting studio where the kids make artful messes and later at a touch museum. She’s on her own because Jon is staying at his mother’s house, helping her out since she broke her foot. All told, Jon is gone from his family for eight days — one day for every child he’s fathered.

As most fans know, he was in the news recently when reports and photos surfaced on the Internet depicting Jon getting drunk and partying with co-eds in Huntingdon, Penn., where his mother lives. It’s possible that these nights of revelry coincided with his stay with her as her foot mended.

Throughout the show, Jon and Kate use the interview room to reflect on what is going on in the episode. This episode, however, the interview portions feel out of place, as if they were filmed later and added in only after the rumors about Jon partying, kissing other women and wanting a divorce popped up.

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In the end, a whole lot of nothing is said, except that Jon isn’t terribly happy about not having a regular job that gets him out of the house (“That’s not me”) or being in the public eye so much.

“I’m glad [the show] is popular, but it’s hard being on this side of the camera … and then trying to live your life,” confesses Jon during the closing interview. “We don’t have privacy at all. When I go out, people photograph me. It’s tough for me. I can’t just be Jon; I have to be ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ which is a really hard thing for me. I’m still coming to grips with that.”

Naturally, Kate has an opinion about it all. Despite all the challenges and invasion of privacy, she’s still gung-ho about the show. She enjoys the perks and loves working from home.

“We’re ready for Season 5 … we think. [But] Jon feels frustrated,” she says, before turning to address her husband. “I think recently, the thing that you are struggling with is that now we cannot go back. So we’re in a difficult place. We have some ironing to do.”

For now, the family will take its usual hiatus from filming the show and then reevaluate whether a Season 5 is in the offing.

Jon adds, “We may be back, we may not … It’s tough. It’s difficult for me.”

“And I’m very happy,” chimes in Kate.

“And there’s the conflict,” sums up Jon.

It appears that Jon, who hadn’t counted on the price of fame, should just live by the same piece of advice he’s always telling his kids: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

What do you think? Did the finale answer any questions? Do you want a fifth season or should they just stop while their marriage is still intact?


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