You can put the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” divorce rumors to rest.

“I am not perfect. This struggle has definitely put some tension in our marriage,” admits Jon Gosselin in an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal. But I never cheated on Kate. Kate and I are together.”

Of course, these comments are coming after Jon was photographed having a night out on the town partying and playing beer pong with some college girls, whom he insists are just fans.

These tensions were felt in the show’s fourth season finale, during which Jon observed, “I can’t just be Jon; I have to be ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ which is a really hard thing for me. I’m still coming to grips with that.”

Despite those pressures, TLC announced at its upfronts that “Jon & Kate Plus 8” will return for a fifth season.

Other highlights from the Ladies’ Home Journal interview:

Kate on her fame: “I’m just a mom who’s doing her best — not unlike moms every where. I just happen to have a few more kids than the average.”
Jon’s life now: “I spend my whole life counting to eight.”
Kate on handling the stress: “Pressure is my middle name.”
Jon on his relationship with his wife: “Kate and I have maybe 10 minutes together while we’re cleaning up the kitchen, but otherwise it’s the kids and the show and meetings and, well, see you next Christmas, Kate.”

Are you sick of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” yet? Do you think the marriage will hold?


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