S-JON-GOSSELIN-large "Jon & Kate Plus 8" returned to TLC on Monday night after a month’s hiatus.

 And — yawn — no one seemed to care.

Us Weekly reports that the back-to-back episodes brought in less than half the audience of the previous show, which had announced their much ballyhooed separation.

Last night's first half hour with Kate Gosselin and the kids vacationing and Jon Gosselin supervising kitchen renovations (wow — exciting stuff) drew only 3.9 million viewers. The following episode, with Kate camping with the kids without Jon, was watched by 4.1 million.

Both episodes were also down significantly from the May 25 premiere, which brought in 9.8 million viewers.

If you do the math, this means the ratings dropped 61%.

Are you surprised?

Hey, you don’t think Jon’s dalliances with Hailey Glassman and Star reporter Kate Major, getting buddy-buddy with Michael Lohan in the Hamptons, hanging out in St. Tropez with designer Christian Audigier and the new rumors about his overnight nude model babysitter have anything to do with this slump, do ya?

Nah, me neither.

It's probably the fault of those gosh darn pap bait, headline-grabbing eight kids of his.

If you really want to laugh, check out this Us Weekly photo of Jon simultaneously showing off his bald spot and his enormous belly. And that's not easy to do!

(For the record, a previous version of this post said 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' airs Tuesday instead of Monday.)

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead