There’s something special about the

pitter-patter of little feet that seems to make the world a better place. But

can you imagine the pitter-patter of 16 little feet? Us neither. Luckily we

don’t have to imagine; we can just turn on TLC every Monday to see Jon &

Kate Plus 8 and watch just what it would be like to have our world become one

big Diaper Genie. So

call your friends, your neighbors and your clergy, because we’re throwing a Jon & Kate Plus 8 viewing party!


Setting the scene:

If we’ve learned anything from watching the

Gosselins over the years, it’s that people can handle a lot more stress than

any of us could possibly realize AND that colorful potty chairs

( can add a sense of style and whimsy to any room (and the

fundamental truth that someday, even the suavest, most continental among us

will utter the words “Did you make poop?” without any hesitation at all). So

fill the room with children’s toys such as balls, Little Tikes playhouses, Crayola refrigerator art

and clean diapers. Scatter a couple of Big

Wheels for guests to trip over. If guests are actual

new parents, party favors can include everything from the toys and Big Wheels

to diaper services or DVDs from all the seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Another great gift is the Gosselins’ book Multiple Blessings: Surviving to

Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets.



We’re talking multiples here, so encourage

all guys to wear the same outfit (perhaps navy polos and khaki pants), and for

girls, why not suggest an inexpensive dress in a complementary color of the

guys’ outfits from Old Navy or H&M? That way

everyone looks alike.


On the menu:

This one is for the kiddies, so we are

serving a buffet masterpiece of SpaghettiOs,

Tater Tots, mac ‘n’ cheese and Fudgsicles

for dessert. Juice boxes for everyone!


On the hi-fi:

Jon and Kate would love to hear something

that doesn’t feature the vocal stylings of Barney or the Wiggles,

so think outside the box and grab a CD from the band Fisher, whose song Beautiful Life is being used in promos

for the series.


The showstopper:

If you had a house filled with eight

miniature adults, you’d probably like to escape. But the only place you’ll be

allowed to go for the next 10 years to party is the house that a mouse built,

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Posted by:Michael Korb