stewart oreilly 320 Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly: Mano a mano“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart ventured into the Fox News den Wednesday night for an interview on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Stewart and Bill O’Reilly talked about President Obama’s performance, how “The Daily Show” selects and crafts its material and Stewart’s frequent snipes at O’Reilly’s employers in a lively, 10-minute plus segment on the Fox News show.

Those expecting a big blowup or other fireworks might have walked away disappointed — both guys are pros at what they do and probably know better than to let the other guy get under their skin. But take a look for yourself and tell us what you think. The conclusion of their interview will air on “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday (Feb. 4).

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Jon Stewart is very upset about Glenn Beck’s appendix

Photo credit: Fox News

Posted by:Rick Porter