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Jon Stewart thinks talk show host Larry King is a degenerate.

We could say, takes one to know one.

Discussing his new autobiography, "My Remarkable Journey," on "The Daily Show," King says he worked very hard on the book about his life.

"You didn’t work that hard," countered Stewart. "Look at the font in this thing."

"You detail a lot of marriages, a lot of gambling," Stewart points out. "I didn't realize until I read this that you are a degenerate."

Larry begs to differ. He says he knows degenerates but is not one. He only gambles on the horses so he's not really a gambler.

But Stewart points out that he took money from a friend — millions of dollars — that was to go to a judge and paid off gambling debits.

"No, I paid off Internal Revenue," clarifies Larry.

Oh, well that makes it OK then.

What do you think? Will you read Larry's book?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead