jon stewart rick sanchez Jon Stewart decides not to pile on Rick SanchezUPDATE: Video of the “Daily Show” Sanchez segment is at the end of the post.

One of the lessons learned from l’affaire Rick Sanchez at CNN? If you’re going to make remarks ill-considered enough to get you fired from your cable-news job, do it at the end of a week.

Sanchez, you may have heard, was fired from CNN on Friday (Oct. 1) for calling “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart a bigot, among other things. Stewart made a joke about it Saturday at the taping of the “Night of Too Many Stars” autism benefit, and he then devoted several minutes of Monday’s (Oct. 4) show to the subject. But if you tuned in looking for an all-out takedown, you might have gone away slightly disappointed.

The other late-night comics didn’t have a huge amount to say about it either. David Letterman did a “Top 10 Rick Sanchez Excuses” list, but Jay Leno mostly left it alone. Stephen Colbert did jokes about World War I reparations to open his show.

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