jon stewart iraq war seeds Jon Stewart slams Iraq War advocates on 'The Daily Show'Jon Stewart couldn’t resist calling out all the pro-Iraqi war political powerheads, who clearly got things dead wrong, on “The Daily Show” (June 16).

In the segment Stewart showed footage from the beginning of the conflict showcasing big time political figures such as Condoleezza Rice and former President George W. Bush, saying the U.S. needed to go to Iraq to “plant the seeds of democracy.” The host quickly pointed out they forgot to mention the weapons of mass destruction and 9/11, among other things. One thing is clear, we definitely didn’t go to Iraq to be peacekeepers.

Stewart was toughest on Senator John McCain, who as he quickly pointed out, was one of the strongest and biggest supporters of going to Iraq and now he is going on every media outlet possible to voice his opinion on the nation’s current state of affairs. “He was on so many shows, you would think he won ‘Dancing With The Stars,” Stewart quips.

Watch Stewart’s full segment from the “The Daily Show” below.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins