jon stewart daily show fox news eric bolling Fox News' Eric Bolling fires back at Jon Stewart after 'Daily Show' diss

Eric Bolling won’t take Jon Stewart’s taunting on “The Daily Show” sitting down. After Stewart took Bolling and Fox News to task for what he saw as hypocrisy in their rage over welfare fraud, when just as much money is lost due to tax loopholes for big corporations, he fired back.
Stewart’s asserts that $3 billion in tax payer dollars is lost annually to food stamp fraud, while $4 billion is missed out on from oil subsidies due to a flawed tax code. On his Facebook, Bolling responds, “Jon fired up the edit machine and team & selectively edited away. Jonnny, waste & abuse in the welfare system is FAR greater than $3b. where you get that #?  … oh I see … MSNBC hack mentioned it, and you ran with it!”
What Bolling failed to do is come up with a number of his own to combat Stewart’s claims. He also ignored Stewart’s final point, which brought the corporate and welfare sides together. Banking chain JPMorgan Chase has a deal with the government in several states that allows for them to offer food stamp debit cards, which makes the company over $500 million annually.
Speaking out on Facebook is one thing, but if Bolling wants to continue this dialogue with Stewart, as hostile as it may be, chances are he’s going to have to do it on TV.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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