On Tuesday’s (Feb. 4) “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart took on the recent outbreak of measles in the U.S., because it is problematic and dangerous when diseases effectively eradicated decades ago are suddenly making a comeback. Doctors overwhemingly agree that the recent outbreak is because of people who chose not to vaccinate their children and that is Stewart’s target.

Interestingly, this issue brings together people from both sides of the political spectrum, from a woman in Marin County, Calif. who says, “We live here in Marin County, which is a liberal place. It’s a well-educated group of people, it’s a thoughtful group of people, and I think if parents are choosing not to vaccinate, it’s probably for a good reason,” to Rand Paul saying things like, “I’ve heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who’ve wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines,” despite the fact that the science overwhemingly supports childhood vaccinations.

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The coup de grace comes at the end, when Stewart compares not vaccinating your children to not doing your part in a zombie invasion.

“It’s like America is in an isolated farmhouse and the measles are zombies. … so everybody in the farmhouse has been given the task of boarding up doors and windows in their area to keep out the zombies, because it’s well-established science that zombies have a very difficult time with wood. And you trust everybody’s going to do their job and then you wake up and it’s 2 in the morning and there’s a f***ing zombie gnawing on your brain and you’re like, ‘What the f***?! Who didn’t board up their window?!’

“And that’s when some lady from Marin County who you let into your farmhouse goes, ‘Oh, I read an article on a wellness forum that says we shouldn’t sleep in boarded-up rooms because it f***s you all up’ and you know what you’d say back to them? ‘Braaaaaains.'”

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