Are you tuning in for The Rumble 2012, which will pit “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on the left against Fox News analyst Bill O’Reilly on the right? You can buy the live stream at the official site for the mock debate.

It’s being billed as “why Al Gore invented the internet” and on “The Daily Show” earlier this week, Stewart did debate prep against Stephen Colbert, while O’Reilly says his debate coach is “‘Professor’ Irwin Corey,” who is a famous comedian.

So be sure to tune in, or just hang around here and discuss The Rumble with your fellow politics enthusiasts. It should be fun — and it kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT live from George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium.

UPDATE: So what do you think of the debate? It took us awhile to get our live stream going, which is annoying. But it finally started. 

It seems to us that there were a lot of funny barbs traded, but a lot of the times O’Reilly and Stewart were finding common ground on issues.

One of the funny quips from Stewart was in reference to Fox News, “I believe any time where you run an organization where more people believe the President is a Muslim than believe in Evolution it’s a problem,” though he had to clarify it was the viewers, not the people who work there.

One of the several things the two men agreed upon was the way this country treats the military and veterans — in a word, terribly. O’Reilly says, “Stewart and I are simpatico on this. We gotta do whatever we can for the military guys when they come home. They had it rough over there, in Afghanistan and Iraq. We shouldn’t have gone into Iraq, we had to go into Afghanistan.”

It was interesting when they went to a Q&A portion with audience questions. One audience member asked about the electoral college system and if the country should go to a popular vote, which sparked very different answers from O’Reilly and Stewart, though both made good points.

Stewart: “I have no problem with [a popular vote]. The electoral college makes absolutely no sense to me. The people I feel bad for, honestly? If I live in Ohio, I’m just annoyed,” and he went on to talk about how even though only 7-8 states actually matter nowadays due to them being swing states, he thinks it must be more frustrating to live in those states and get glad-handed every four years, then never get any attention after that.

O’Reilly: “I disagree entirely. If you have a popular vote, then New York, L.A., these people control everything … we live in a polarized time now, so there are only eight states really in play. But that’s gonna change. It’s gonna change as parties evolve,” and he goes on to talk about how the South used to be all Democrat an dnow it’s all Republican, and how he foresees a third party eventually changing the entire make-up of an election.

What did you think, viewers?

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