jon groff Jonathan Groff talks Jesse St. James' return to 'Glee'

Last week, we reported that Jonathan Groff is set to make his triumphant return to “Glee” in the last three episodes of Season 2. To say we were thrilled by the news was an understatement. He’s Jesse St. James… show some respect.

Now the man himself is talking about his return to McKinley High and possibly Rachel’s (Lea Michele) heart.

In a recent interview with Masslive, Groff opens up about his upcoming return to FOX’s hit show. How much does he know? Um, not much. “I wish I knew more,” he says. “I found out last week. Ryan Murphy contacted me. I start in a week or two.”

He continues, “I’ll be singing with Lea probably but I don’t know if he’s raising havoc or coming to apologize. Their relationship was a little unresolved. I would like some resolution.” While Groff isn’t too sure why Jesse is making his return, a source says, “He’s back to apologize to Rachel and perhaps to get her back.”

So who does he think Rachel should end up with, Jesse or Finn (Cory Monteith)? “Obviously I’m rooting for him [Jesse]. Jesse was the only one who gives Rachel a run for her money,” he explains. “He challenges her in a unique way but Rachel and Finn are sweet. It depends on what happens when Jesse comes back.”

Finally, Groff addresses the rumor circulating that Jesse will be attending McKinley’s prom. “Is that legal? Jesse graduated so I’m not sure if that would work, but I think it would be fun and dramatic.”

Fun and dramatic? Sounds like “Glee” to us.

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