jonathan lipnicki restraining order Jonathan Lipnicki files restraining order against Amber Watson, Oprah's 'Jerry Maguire' comment oddly resonant

Hello, pop culture synergy.

Just one day after, Oprah Winfrey reminded viewers that “Jerry Maguire” was fake, its youngest star is dealing with an unfortunate reality check.

“Don’t wait for anybody to fix you, save you, complete you,” says Winfrey. “‘Jerry Maguire’ was just a movie.”

… Starring a precocious young Jonathan Lipnicki, now 20 years old, who recently had a restraining order against ex-girlfriend Amber Watson. E! Online reports Lipnicki has claimed Watson broke into his home and attacked him in his bed.

“When I tried to get up, she tried to pin me to my bed,” Lipnicki says court documents. “I had to move her off me physically…she threatened to annihilate me.”

A hearing is set for June 7 to decide how long the order will be in place, but until then Watson isn’t allowed to come within 100 feet of Lipnicki — or his dog.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell