contestant best known as Jonny Fairplay.

Fairplay — his birth certificate lists his last name as "Dalton" — visited with the Television Critics Association at a Friday (July 13) morning press tour session for his upcoming CMT reality offering Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge.

On the show, Fairplay and an array of more justifiably famous celebrities including Vanilla Ice and former Notre Dame football star Rocket Ismail how to spend 8 seconds in heaven on the back of a bull. It gave us a good chance to ask Fairplay how his life has changed since he became a slave to unscripted television.

"I date a lot more," he gloats. "No. Honestly, like   when I go out, like, people are like, ‘How is your   grandma? How is your grandma? Is Tonya [Cooley] crazy? Did you really do Trishelle [Cannatella]?’ I mean, that’s pretty much it. I give them the finger. They’re like, ‘Yeah. He gave me the finger.’ If I’m actually nice to them, they’re just like, ‘I knew it was an act.’ So it’s pretty much that."

Survivor fans remember that Fairplay used the alleged death of his grandmother as a way to attract sympathy. That season’s finale included an interview with his still-living grandma.

So how is your grandmother, Jonny?

"My grandmother passed away about two weeks ago," Fairplay says, earning a long and uncomfortable silence in the room.

"I’m just kidding," Fairplay cracks. "You guys are too easy."

Yeah. The problem here is with us.

And, as a later inquisitor decided to ask, did he actually do Trishelle?

"Yeah. It was great."

It’s good to know that success hasn’t made Jonny Fairplay any less classy.

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg