jordin parks weight loss Jordin Sparks' 30 lb weight loss: New bikini videoJordin Sparks may have lost 30 pounds, but she still gets “freaked out” about showing off her bikini bod for the world. Sparks tells E! News that a health scare spurred her to shed the weight, just in time for summer… and a hot spread in People Magazine.

“I’m scared to death,” she admits. “I have never done a bikini shoot before in my life!” She models several swimsuits with her lotus flower tattoo on proud display.

Sparks went from a size 14 to a size 8 with a combination of hikes and dance classes, plus some small eating adjustments. “My diet has pretty much remained the same,
like if I want a piece of bread, I’m gonna have a piece of bread, but
[I’m] making healthier decisions like instead of a bag of chips for a
snack, I’ll see if I can find an apple,” she told Access. “[I’ve also] upped my intake of vegetables [and I’m] drinking a lot more water.”

Now that she’s feeling empowered and in control of her body, it’s the perfect time for Sparks to release her new single, “I Am Woman.” It’s just as hear-me-roar as you’d expect!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie