jordin sparks whitney houston sparkle columbia Jordin Sparks 'Celebrates' Whitney Houston's last recording for 'Sparkle'Four months after Whitney Houston‘s death, Jordin Sparks says she still hasn’t “wrapped [her] head around” the fact that she dueted with the pop icon.

“I kind of get rendered speechless,” the former “American Idol” champ tells BET about being a part of Houston’s last recording, “Celebrate,” for the upcoming movie “Sparkle.”

The costars share plenty of screen time in the film — Sparks’ big-screen debut, in which she plays Houston’s daughter  — but had to record “Celebrate” separately because Houston’s schedule was “so crazy,” says Sparks.

“When I was singing, I could hear her vocals on the background … you could just hear the smile in Whitney’s voice when she was singing it.”

“Whitney was this supernova, an amazing entertainer and vocalist,” she enthuses. “To even be in the room with her and get to talk with her was something that I could have only dreamed of. ..but it’s also a little bittersweet [because] It was her last recording. So now her legacy and my story are forever intertwined — it’s crazy for me to think about.”

Sparks calls the music video for the R. Kelly-produced “Celebrate,” released Wednesday (June 27), “a tribute to” Houston — “so it’s fun, upbeat and exciting.”

In the video, Sparks explains her costars “all come over to my house singing along to Whitney’s music. And we’re missing her and celebrating her as well. It’s actually pretty simple, but when you watch it and hear her voice along with it, it makes it so much more.”

Listen to “Sparkle” below and let us know what you think.

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