lana parilla 320 Jorge Garcia and Lana Parrilla's lost underwear daysEverybody had to start somewhere, and for former “Swingtown” and “Boomtown” star Lana Parrilla, next seen in the new CBS series “Miami Medical,” premiering in April, those early beginnings were in theater in Los Angeles.

But she wasn’t alone. One of the stars of “Lost,” launching its final season Tuesday (Feb. 2) on ABC, was right there, learning along with her.

And learning sometimes involves boxer shorts and a nightgown.

“I’ve know Jorge Garcia since I was 19,” says Parrilla during an interview on the “Miami Medical” set in Los Angeles. “We did so much theater together, here. We studied together.”

When Parrilla headed to Hawaii to play the role of Greta, one of “The Others,” in the third season of “Lost,” she even stayed in a cottage next to Garcia’s home.

“Our relationship was so interesting,” she says, “because we did so much work together. We transcribed a scene from ‘My Cousin Vinny,’ and we’d have rehearsals at his place in L.A. We’d have dress rehearsals. He would be in these boxers, and I’d be in this nightgown.

“We’d get hungry, so we’d order meatball sandwiches and a side of pasta from this little Italian place nearby. This was like 13, 14 years ago. But it was humorous, because we were acting, and it’s a scene where we would just wake up.

“The poor delivery guy would deliver these meatball subs and just look at us, going, ‘What theLost_Jorge_Garcia_crop.jpg hell, every time I deliver these meatball subs, these two are wearing the same clothes. She’s in this nightgown, and he’s in his boxers. What the hell is going on — it’s three in the afternoon.’

“It was so funny. We’d get a kick out of it.”

Of course, things have changed mightily for Garcia since those long-ago days of boxer shorts and meatballs.

“I couldn’t go anywhere with him in Hawaii,” Parrilla says. “At dinner, I’d be telling him this heartfelt story, and I’m on the verge of tears, and someone’s going, ‘Excuse me, can I have your autograph?’ I’m holding onto the tears, and as soon as the person would walk away, they’d fall. ‘And then this happened …’

“It’s amazing, everywhere we went. I just remember when we were kids, going anywhere, and we can just be us. Now he’s this huge star, and it’s so different going places with him. He’s such a presence, so everyone’s like, ‘There he is!'”

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Posted by:Kate O'Hare