jose canseco twitter Jose Canseco's Twitter account: Reactivated, still crazy
Jose Canseco’s Twitter account has been attracting plenty of attention in recent days, due to several series of outrageous tweets and a brief deactivation.

The former MLB star and “Surreal Life 5” cast member’s Twitter feed is full of sex jokes, typos, rants against “haters,” misogynist humor and plain nonsense. Half a million people have jumped on the bandwagon following @JoseCanseco for his entertaining and bizarre commentary. 

In an interview with Buzzfeed about the fascination with his tweets, Canseco said that “It just comes to me….. To me the whole thing’s funny. I’m just putting these deranged tweets out there.”

The account isn’t new — Canseco has fired off thousands of absurd tweets over the months, including an Al Gore death hoax in March. But when his account was mysteriously shut down on Tuesday, his dedicated followers were temporarily robbed of their nightly dose of crazy.

@JoseCanseco was reactivated hours later, and the ball player went on a rant, tweeting “Not even MLB and aliens can shut my twitter down. Cansecomaniacs are more powerful,” and “I actually died over night and came back to life now I am a vampire and you are my apprentice.”

Okay, Jose. Whatever you say!

Canseco’s most recent Twitter stunt involves Lady Gaga. Today asked her out on a date, and then added “Who ever my 500k follower is can have a threesome with lady Gaga and yours truly.”

(Mother Monster has yet to reply.)

Here are some more of Jose Canseco’s best — or worst, depending on who you ask — tweets:

“Kenny powers is the man I mean I am ,we are the same”

“I am going to drag all you haters with me into my nightmare”

“Hey stupid bimbos just because I give you a compliment doesn’t mean I am hitting on you”

“Titanic 100 years wOw. Global warming couldve saved titanic. Sad to say”

“My life is like the twilight zone crossed with phycho”

“just a reminder to all mlb teams. I am still available and staying in shape. i see some teams are lacking offense.”

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady