Jose Feliciano.jpgSinger Jose Feliciano is getting a ton of negative comments about his performance of the National Anthem at the opening of Marlins Park in Miami. People have taken to Twitter to express their feelings about it.

“Like with The Fray, I’d delete Jose Feliciano off my iTunes for that National Anthem. But there is no Jose Feliciano on my iTunes,” one person wrote.

“Judging by The Fray’s performance and the thumbs down Jose Feliciano is getting as an anthem singer, there may be hope for Macy Gray.”

“Hey Jose Feliciano, go the route of The Fray and never perform an anthem again.

“Oh, I thought Jose Feliciano was dead.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time he caused controversy with the National Anthem. Feliciano performed the song at the World Series in 1968 and was booed. One Twitter post says, “The Fray sings crappy version of National Anthem and people clap, but Jos� Feliciano gets booed in 1968?

Feliciano posted a story about the experience, saying that he had no idea that his changes to the National Anthem would be a problem. Check out the video of his original performance below.

Posted by:jbusch