joshbrolin 290 Josh Brolin may suit up for 'Men in Black 3'Maybe call it “No Country for Old Aliens”? Josh Brolin may be reuniting with co-star Tommy Lee Jones for the third “Men in Black” movie.

According to the LA Times’ Hero Complex blog, Brolin is in talks to play an unspecified role in the embryonic threequel.

“Men in Black” wouldn’t be an odd move: Brolin is no stranger to comic-book films, what with his lead role in the upcoming “Jonah Hex.” Plus he and Jones have similar features and slow, drawling accents, both of which open up family possibilities. (Or, we suppose, flashbacks, though that was already covered in the first movie.)

The first two movies followed agents J (Will Smith) and K (Jones) as members of a super-secret law enforcement organization tasked with monitoring Earth’s hidden alien population.

Heck, while we’re plundering “No Country,” bring back Javier Bardem in that pageboy haircut. We never thought he was human.

“MiB 3” is tentatively set to begin production in 2010.

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