josh elliott father gay questioned sexuality Josh Elliott wondered if he was gay when his father came outWhen Josh Elliott‘s father came out as a gay man, it caused the “Good Morning America” anchor to question his own sexuality. Elliott tells “The View” hosts that as a teenage boy, he wasn’t sure how to process the news.

“My first feeling when my father told me was loyalty, thinking, ‘I guess I have to be gay too. Maybe I’m gay,'” Elliott said while guest-hosting the show on Monday (Feb. 10). “It’s a lot to work through as an eighth-grade boy.”

Elliott’s father only lived for two years after he came out, but Elliott says he’s happy his father got to live openly for that period of time, no matter how short. “For two years, I got to see him complete and out and proud,” he says.

The subject came up during a discussion of Michael Sam, the NFL draft prospect who recently came out.

Elliott received plenty of positive feedback after the show aired, including from “The View” cohost Jenny McCarthy, who praised him on Twitter. “Thanks, Jenny–especially for the chance to share a bit of the man to whom I owe everything. And: great to see you today,” Elliot wrote in response.

Posted by:Jean Bentley