josh groban Josh Groban kisses and tells: Emma Stone tastes like cherries

Josh Groban is a total sleaze! 

Ok, well maybe not in real life, but the reigning king of pop-opera is making his big screen debut as Emma Stone’s jerk of a boyfriend in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” A task that seemed to come easy to the singer.

“I went in for the audition and after one reading the casting director said, ‘Oh my god, you’re just perfect,'” he tells GQ. “I was really excited for a moment, then it dawned on me: I just nailed the douchebag character… I could have used a few takes, maybe some notes to get me there. But no, I guess I had it in me all along.”

This isn’t the first time Groban has shown his comedic side, back in January he appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where he performed a musical compilation of Kanye West’s tweets.Though playing the man Emma Stone realizes she’s not in love with is a bit of a bummer, he still made out pretty good. Literally. Stone gave him a parting kiss he will never forget.

“Emma’s just this total pro,” he says. “She pulls out her lip-gloss, and says, ‘It’s cherry. That cool with you?’ I mean, that kiss shall forever be my deer in “Stand By Me”; my moment alone, no one will ever be able to treasure it but me.”

Apparently the kiss won’t end up in the movie, so we’re just gonna have to take his word for it.
Oh, that Groban!
Posted by:Jen Blushi