Next time you’re at a concert and you see text messages being displayed on the jumbo screens throughout the venue, you might want to consider texting something other than “scream if you love so-and-so xoxox <33!!!” You never know who might be reading.

While performing in Boston last week, Josh Groban prompted fans to ask him questions via texting the big screens throughout the venue. That’s when fan, Shannon Conway, texted asking if the singer would perform his duet “The Prayer” with her sister, Bridget.

“I was bored. It was kind of a joke, I really didn’t think anything of it,” Shannon tells the Salem News. “What are the odds of the questions actually getting read?”

Well, as it would turn out, the odds were in their favor. Much to their shock, Groban not only picked her question, but actually followed through.

“Let me ask you something, sis,” Groban said. “If we do this, can you bring it?”

And bring it, she did. Much to the crowds delight, Bridget, is actually a very skilled singer. A musical theater major in college, she was able to belt out the first few lines of the song before Groban joined in.

As for the impact it had on her?

“As I keep reminiscing, I remember more, but at first it was all a blur,” Bridget says. “I was so in shock, my mind was reeling, and I really didn’t know what was going on. It is so surreal still.”

Oh that Groban, the voice and heart of an angel!

Posted by:Jen Blushi