Joss Whedon is a very nice, polite man — a new video in which the filmmaker apologizes to the city of Seoul, South Korea for filming “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” proves this perfectly.

The video, subtitled into Korean for its intended audience, shows “Age of Ultron” director Whedon at what looks an awful lot like a construction site, talking directly to the camera. His apology is due to some apparently significant filming planned for the South Korean capital.

“I’m really grateful and excited to be filming in your city,” Whedon tells the camera. “We are going to mess it up and inconvenience some people … I know what that’s like — I live in Los Angeles, and it happens to me all the time. And it’s not fun.”

Considering the mess the first “Avengers” film made (whether in the real world or in CGI) of New York City, the people of Seoul might be wise to worry. At least this filmmaker knows that there’s a reason for the inconvenience.

“We love this movie. We love this city … I hope it will be worth it.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown