151663140 Joss Whedon still wants 'Firefly' to return

You would think that, after more than 10 years and billions of dollars in “Avengers” ticket sales, Joss Whedon might have moved past “Firefly.” You would be wrong. In fact, this hottest of hot directors still thinks about reviving his short-lived but much-beloved show.
Is there a chance of Joss Whedon bringing “Firefly” back?

In an interview with the Toronto Sun published on Monday (Jan. 28), Whedon expressed how much he still thinks about a show that lasted less than a single season. “I’ll never really accept it,” he said. “And I always, in the back of my head, think, ‘What if I could get the old gang back together?'”

Of course, anything like this is a long-shot. At the moment, Whedon is rather busy with work on “Avengers 2” and with “S.H.I.E.L.D.” (the potential TV spinoff of the films). No director/writer/producer has the time to fit in a revival on top of that, no matter how cool he is.

Would he consider going back to “Firefly” afterwards? “Part of me is like, ‘God, it would be great when I finish Avengers 2 to do that,” Whedon said, adding, “I suspect very strongly that after Avengers 2, the next thing I do will be a one man show. Possibly one monkey.”

While Browncoats and other Whedon fans would probably clamor to watch a one-monkey show, the big desire is always “Firefly.” The show’s enduring popularity is rather astounding — even though only 13 episodes were ever produced (and not all aired) — the show has maintained a strong cult following since its debut in 2001. If anything, that fandom has grown over the years.

There are more problems that Joss Whedon’s workload in getting anything new from “Firefly.” For one thing, there has already been a feature film, 2005’s “Serenity,” which wrapped up at least some of the show’s mysteries. Then there are the character problems. Two of “Firefly”s main characters didn’t make it to the end of “Serenity” (SPOILER ALERT: That would be Wash [Alan Tudyk] and Shepherd Book [Ron Glass]). It’s kind of hard to imagine “Firefly” without the full crew of the ship.

Oh, and there are availability issues for others as well. Most of the show’s stars have other acting jobs now — Nathan Fillion on “Castle,” Gina Torres on “Suits,” Alan Tudyk on “Suburgatory,” Morena Baccarin on “Homeland…” They would have to be available. Finally, FOX would have to agree to it, since the studio still holds the rights.

But hey — Joss wants to do it! That can sometimes be enough.

Posted by:Laurel Brown