sherri shepherd joy behar wedding the view Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and 'The View' return: Two weddings and a BloombergTwo “View” panelists tied their respective knots over the summer. Can you guess which one returned for Season 15 of the daytime talker in her wedding dress?

Sherri Shepherd, of course.

After all, she’s technically still celebrating her Aug. 13 nuptials with Lamar Sally. “Wedding Fabulous: Sherri Shepherd Gets Married” premieres Tuesday, Sept. 13, on Style.

In typical “View” fashion, Shepherd recounted the events in an absurd and slightly name-dropping fashion.

“One of my bridesmaids, I think it was Niecy Nash, said, ‘Don’t wear any underwear,” Shepherd recalls. “They knew me and Sal had been celibate for 11 months, so [she wanted me to do] anything [I could] do to get him turned back on.”

This resulted in a bit of a snafu. Shepherd was wearing a mic for the TV special, and when it slid off, her bridesmaids went looking for it in the wrong place. “They’re lifting my dress and I’m screaming, ‘No, I have no panties on,'” Shepherd says. “And one bridesmaid thought I kept screaming, ‘My pancreas! My pancreas!'”

But Sherri’s pancreas is fine, and “Wedding Fabulous” will likely air nudity-free.

The other “View” bride, Joy Behar, spent less time talking about her actual wedding to longtime partner Steve Janowitz than she did her reasons for finally sealing the deal after 29 years together.

“It did have an influence on me,” she says of the New York’s recent move to legalize gay marriage and the rights that accompany it. “It brought to my consciousness why gays needed to get married… And I thought it was a good reason for me to get married. And so did Steve, so we did it.”

When they were done dwelling on the weddings, Behar, Shepherd and their fellow co-hosts spoke with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who discussed the recent hurricane, the city’s plans for the Sept. 11 anniversary and his lack of plans to run for president in 2012.

And if you think he’s just saying he has no plans to run, you obviously didn’t see how quick and dismissive the “no” came when Barbara Walters broached the subject.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell