LeslieMan_Alexa_16874987_600 "Funny People" writer-director Judd Apatow just can't stop working.

He even directed his own video interview for Time.com to accompany the magazine profile (now on stands) written by Joel Stein.

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In the video, called "To Cover or Not to Cover," he turns the tables and grills Stein about whether he will make the cover of Time.

Yes, it's Apatow funny. And he did make the cover.

Here are some snippets from the serious Stein piece

On his latest film, "Funny People":

"I wanted to see how funny I could be without making the choice that every 10 minutes something big and visual had to happen," he says. "People like the comedy more when they care about the characters. That's what I learned from the last two movies. This movie is just taking that one step further."

]]>S-APATOW-TIME-large Leslie Mann, on meeting Judd on the set of "Cable Guy."

"I didn't think I would date him. I thought I'd send him on dates with my friends," she says. "But he'd send his sister to keep telling me all the women he was dating. It was all part of his plan."

Judd on taking a year off:

"If I go right back to working, then I seem like a crazy person who didn't learn the lesson of his own movie," he says. "You want overlap so if this one bombs, you're already on production as a safety net. But I'm trying to see if I have the courage to sit in that empty space and ponder."

We bet he doesn't last a month. 

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