jeopardy julia collins champion Julia Collins: 'Jeopardy' champion ties David Madden for second most wins

“Jeopardy” champion Julia Collins has made game-show history with her 19th win on Thursday (May 29). She is now tied for the second-most wins in “Jeopardy” history with David Madden.

This impressive — although mostly quiet — run of wins has made Collins, a 31-year-old supply-chain specialist $410,000 in prize money. It’s an impressive haul for a woman who predicted her own “Jeopardy” future back in 8th grade.

How did Collins rack up her 19th win? Strangely, it wasn’t a runaway victory — at first. Trailing for much of the first round, Collins was only in second place going into Double Jeopardy. But that’s when she took control, eventually winning $18,400. She even got that money without knowing that a pineapple is the only commercially important member of the bromeliad family (Collins guessed it was a pear).

In addition to an appearance on “Good Morning America” on Thursday, Collins has taken to Twitter to talk about her winning streak. Early on, she didn’t seem so sure if she could keep winning. Her May 1 post, for example:

By win number 19, however, the game-show champion seemed to be happy to be on the ride:

What’s the next record Collins could break? That’s still a long way off — Ken Jennings’ record currently stands at 74 “Jeopardy” wins.

Posted by:Laurel Brown