Julia Roberts teased David Letterman about his recent marriage on his show that airs tonight.

“I don’t know if I can look you in the eye anymore…Last time I

saw you, you were single and then I, like, hypnotized you in my white suit or

something and you went off and married Regina.” 

She then hit him with several questions about his nuptials, including asking if Regina took Dave's name.


 Roberts asked, “So she’s Mrs.

Letterman?” Letterman deadpanned, “No, she’s Dave.”

Roberts asked if there was any video of the wedding ceremony, but Letterman said there

are some photos, and added that the service “was me, it was my son, it was Regina and the justice of the peace, and that was it.”

He got the audience laughing when he said, “I mean, it’s legal, that’s the most important thing, right?” 

Roberts agreed that “you’re bound for eternity,” to which Letterman said, “That’s right, and never been more deeply in love.”

That crack got applause from the audience and laughter from Letterman and Roberts, who then called Regina a “lovely and, no doubt, tolerant woman."

Letterman replied, “Yes, and I know she’s watching at home."

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Photo credits: CBS