julianne hough orange is the new blackface Julianne Hough wore blackface for her 'Orange Is the New Black' costume

Well, this whole scandal could have been avoided if Julianne Hough stopped to think about it before stepping out to attend the Casamigos Tequila party in Hollwood on Friday (Oct. 25).

Unfortunately, the “Dancing With the Stars” pro didn’t think about the consequences of wearing blackface for her costume as part of an “Orange Is the New Black” group costume — seriously, why didn’t any of her fellow group-members say something to her? 

Hough went as Crazy Eyes, the prison inmate played by newcomer Uzo Aduba, and along with her orange jumpsuit and knotted hairstyle, she painted her face and neck a dark brown.

Hough had a lot of other, less controversial choices before painting her face black. She could have gone as main character Piper — she certainly has the blonde hair ready to go. Or, she could have gone as Crazy Eyes without painting her face. It’s as simple as that.

In the harsh light of day, Hough is probably already regretting her decision, as the backlash on Twitter is out in full force. Turns out, orange is not the new blackface.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum